What happened to the Freetrade Roadmap?

Freetrade used to have an open roadmap at https://freetrade.io/roadmap

Originally, it looked similar in style to this example roadmap from Epic - Trello. Showing a list of recently shipped, and upcoming features. Then for a while the roadmap just became a static list of items. And now, the roadmap is gone.

I know there have been changes to the technical leadership at Freetrade. And the current lead might not like/use these tools. But they should revisit and republish an open roadmap.

The roadmap is not a promise, there are no dates in stone, but it shows a product vision. It gives customers and investors an idea of Freetrade priorities. Knowing teams are actively working on several (highly requested) features may mitigate the negative response when you unveil something no-one asked for like securities lending or daily insights - Freetrade daily insights feature - #30 by Han

Freetrade is seeing increased competition from incumbents AJ Bell’s Dodl, and from other startups such as Lightyear. Having a clear commitment to the future will help potential customers choose Freetrade.


I think I recall that one of the reasons was competitors implementing the features on the roadmap - essentially using Freetrade’s roadmap as cheap idea list so they don’t have to come up with anything themselves.

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Ideas are cheap. This forum is full of them. It’s the implementation that matters.


This is somewhat of a lame reason and am not convinced by it. There’s plenty of open source material online about potential improvements and vision. One only has to look at this forum to see some wonderful ideas :bulb: and contributions from its members.



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Absolutely agree with everything you wrote @Han. Disappointed to see the transparency going down…

Hi all,

In the past Freetrade was quite detailed about their Roadmap. Then they moved towards a more high level Roadmap and now I noticed that the Roadmap page on the website is not even clickable anymore.

Can someone fix this website issue?

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