Roadmap as main post!

Hello everyone.

I firmly believe that a regularly updated roadmap pinned as the main post would have a huge positive impact on all investors and boost our confidence in the company.

Please vote if you feel the same.
All best!

A roadmap exists, but it has become stale/decomissioned. Mostly because competitors just copied features and ideas I think.

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I see, well… you might be right when it comes to very specific details about improvements or new innovative features, but when I think about web version, so we can access our Freetrade accounts form desktop computers and laptops, this is something that Freetrade team should start copying from competitors as soon as possible. It’s a lot of stress being constantly worried what would happen if I lost my mobile phone. I believe that limiting access to our accounts only to mobile phones could potentially result in heavy loses and it’s not a good indicator when it comes to taking care about customers.

Did it not warrant a vote from yourself? On a side note the roadmap is available as @SebReitz points out but I would hate it stuck at the top of my feed. Maybe have it added to a welcome message like I suggested here.

I didn’t realise I can actually vote on my own idea too. Thanks for pointing it out. Also, thank you @SebReitz for the link.

What I have in mind was something more specific when it comes to timeframe. From what I see the web version was requested 2-3 years ago and it’s on the roadmap list. The question is, is it planned for this year, next year, or for 2030. This is particularly important for me not to be tied to a mobile phone when it comes to important investments. Phones break. Computers too, but it’s way less hassle to use another one in private mode than using someone else’s iPhone. All this can happen in a very bad moment and might end with financial losses.

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