Roadmap revamp

I should start by saying I commend Freetrades relationship and engagement with the general user community, you’re doing a great job and what I’m going on to say isn’t a criticism but a request.

I’d like to see more transparency and communications with regards to the infamous roadmap. I feel like its become a bit of a static go-to for most people just to see what the intended line up of new features and tools were (at some point in time).

It could be far more dynamic. It would be good to get roadmap updates, perhaps monthly (?), with some commentary around current progress, changes in priority, new additions or removals and so on. I just think you’re missing a trick. The tool seems like a effective and simple way of communicating the evolution of Freetrade but from what I can see, most items haven’t changed since they were added in August 2019.

Hopefully there’s something in the pipeline to improve things…?


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