The roadmap still needs some TLC

During the last funding round, one of the site features many of us wanted to see improved was the roadmap. The previous roadmap was along the right lines but just needed to be updated more frequently and include some sense of priority as things/plans changed.

Unfortunately, we have ended up with what is essentially a list of stuff split into 3 categories. There is no timeline, no indication of priority and no link with user votes / ideas. There is no sign of investment buckets/pots or the tablet/desktop version of the app… so either these aren’t happening anymore or if they’re being explored (as we are often told), then the roadmap hasn’t been updated to include them.

It would be great to see the roadmap properly revamped. It’s one of the things most new users look at when deciding whether to commit to using the platform so it’s definitely worth another shot at a revamp.

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Timelines, we dont need them as they’re simply detrimental. But if they are going to have a roadmap then I completely agree it should be kept up to date.

Honestly I wonder if they should go the way of Starling and simply remove all roadmaps and just get on with things.


Well that’s the thing isn’t it… if they’re committing to updates and new features then a bit of transparency goes a long way. We’re often left waiting for things because they don’t quite hit their own milestones. If there is no plan, then there should be no surprise or whining when features don’t arrive on time or at all!!

That’s why I’d rather they revamp the roadmap and not get rid of it completely.

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