What happens to my shares if two companies that I own merge?

I have some shares in Sainsburys. If the merger between them and Asda happened, what would happen to my shares?

Same applies to, for example, if a company brought Taylor Wimpey. Do the shares get transferred to the new company?

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Not the answer you’re looking for it…but…it depends.

Possible scenarios include:

  • Company A takes over B and investor gets cash
  • A takes over B and investor gets shares in A
  • combination of those is also possible too
  • A merges with B and investor gets shares in new company C

Annoyingly the terms of ‘takeover’ or ‘merger’ don’t always define which scenario plays out either. Devil is in the detail


Exactly what Chris said. The only certainty you can have is that Freetrade will monitor such corporate actions closely and ensure you get what you, as a shareholder, are entitled to.

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Be interested in hearing more on this process from anyone in the community and even from FT’s side. How the process works in general not just how they will deal with it. I would imagine a lot of the pot stocks will be acquired by either larger companies in that sector or from the Biotech/Beverage sectors. This could happen to a lot of investors down the line.