What % of your portfolio is cash just now?

What proportion of your portfolio is cash at the moment? I’m feeling a bit nervous about all the irrational exuberance recently and have started to move some to cash this month. Interested to hear what everyone else is doing.

What % of your portfolio is cash?
  • 0%, cash is trash!
  • Over 10%
  • Over 25%
  • Over 50%
  • Over 75%
  • Over 90%
  • 100%, cash is king!

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Cash is trash.


So many stocks… Gotta catch them all!


It’s funny, normally I’d agree but at the moment things just seem really bubbly - retail investors diving into wild speculative adventures, people investing in Bitcoin at all time highs, stock markets reaching all time highs during a pandemic and retail inflation remains stubbornly low, thus right now you don’t lose much by staying in cash.

Now perhaps we’re seeing massive asset inflation and that will continue, but if we start to see retail inflation and interest rates rising in response, I’m not sure what’s going to happen to stocks.


Does money held in savings count?

My portfolio on freetrade is going to be 80/20 split between equities and bonds, but 0 cash in there aside from what I can’t throw into the investment options due to price.

£4k :wink:


That was my plan but I’ve not no self restraint and invested most of it. I don’t think that bodes well for my investing :sweat_smile:


I may have dipped a couple times but swiftly made an additional deposit :wink: having the free float in there is well worth it.

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I’m gonna try and build it back up a bit but I’m sure how successful it’ll be. I did like having the choice to make opportunistic buys tho

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Under 10%! (?)

30% cash, 40% etf, 30% shares.

Sorry should have been 0-10% really as the option for cash is trash!


I can’t answer sadly…

More than 0% but less than 10% :man_shrugging:

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25% in precious metals is the closest thing I hold to cash.

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5-10% to buy dips or new opportunities.


0.1% in Cash at the moment…!!!

Cash is king without cash you cannot purchase any shares and have to sell your shares or other assets, to gain some, it will still be around for a very long time behind it’s brother and sister and cousin which are

:# Bitcoin bro
~Ethereum sis
] The USA Dollar cos

:smiley: :grinning: :grinning: