What other Discourse forums are you in?

I’m enjoying more and more lately partaking in forums, especially a Discourse powered forums (easy keeping it in the same app).

Personally, I’m also in the following:
Most people know Monzo. Online only Bank with an open view of sharing information about the business, often giving the customers to option to choose a direction the business will take. Voted Which magazine bank of the year 2018

Soon to launch mobile provider who hope to change the way we pay for or mobile usage in the same way Monzo are changing banking and a Freetrade are changing the stock market. Should be launching SIMs in the next few weeks

Monzo is the only other forum I’m on, it takes up a fair bit of my spare time since it’s so active


Monzo’s already been mentioned, but a few others I’m involved with are:

Emma is a financial management app which connects with all/most of your financial institutions to bring transaction/savings information all into one place for ease of management. It also categorises all transactions which helps you budget efficiently and generally keeps on your overall financial well-being.


Well it doesn’t all have to be Fintech does it? :wink: Agenda is an OSX/iOS note taking app that I use at work to document meetings or write content for my blog. It’s works in a similar way to a lot of other note taking apps (think Bear), but doesn’t rely fully on Markdown and also integrates with your calendar to allow you to tie specific notes back to a particular event which I find pretty helpful!


@Slicknade which app are you using to keep all of the forums in one place?

I’ll have to take a look at Agenda!

I use the Discourse app :slight_smile:

Quite good for a browse occasionally:


Curve has an active community too:

Simplify your finances with all your cards in one


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