Chat system

Similar to the support feature on the app, it would be good to be able to have a messenger like system comprised of groups that already exist on here as well as p2p real-time chat with other verified users

So Freetrade slack. Would be problematic as can be seen by the imminent demise of the Monzo slack

No. So Freetrade instant messaging. Insert* Messenger, WhatsApp, Snap, Twitter and Slack. Not creating a slack group / chat for Freetrade. I’m talking more an actual feature set on the platform itself

If it’s on the platform wouldn’t that create regulatory issues as they’d be responsible for making sure no investment advice was given? Not sure if that’s how it works but seems a reasonable assumption as it’s that way on the forum

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It would, I recall reading somewhere that investing forums have to take extra care that investment advice isn’t given.

Allowing members to form cabals via private groups could be very risky.

Correct me if im wrong (I’m way more of a tech than finance person so your correction is invaluable). If we were talking on a private chat and you were to say “this stock is very good” is that against regulations? or do you mean if an admin or employee of FT were to give insider knowledge etc.

I remember IQ Option had chat system on their platform etc

It’s against the forum guidelines so would have to be against the chat ones afaik. You can’t

Recommend others to buy or sell investments.

As a new company they have to be extra cautious

I am no lawyer but would guess that the risk is that if a stockbroker runs a chat system that allows participants to say “stock X is good, Y is bad” then that stockbroker has to satisfy itself that no financialregs are being broken (and possibly in a way that Facebook doesn’t with Whatsapp because FB isn’t subject to financialregs)

But there’s a whole thread dedicated to “investing & markets” and on it there’s people asking things like “Is it worth investing in Ted Baker”, “does Tesla have a competitive, sustainable advantage yet?”, “How are people prepping for Brexit”?

Surely they go against the regs you’re talking about?

Well, I have no idea what the actual regulations are :slight_smile: but I have seen Alex delete some posts so there is no doubt something.


Discussing a company’s long term prospects is fine, whereas recommending that users buy / sell now or words to that effect, are problematic.

That’s not a comprehensive explanation of the rule - it’s difficult to strictly define & we’ll give guidance on a case by case basis - but I hope it gives you some sense of why those threads are ok & other comments might not be.

These are our guidelines - Investing and markets chat guidelines.


It’s a good question! A number of articles appear to recommend certain stocks, but they will be written in a manor which simply discusses the arguments for buying a stock, rather than actually recommending that you buy them.