WhatsApp Group?


Anyone interested in a WhatsApp group?

Would be a fantastic way of general chitchat about investing etc?

No idea how to set one up though! :slight_smile:


Really good idea but worried you will end up with 100s of people spamming your phone. Maybe something more ‘exclusive’ but not sure how you would decide who is in and out as I am a friend of ‘everyone in’ …


You could mute the notifications? It would be good for a place to discuss your own and others portfolios.

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Discord Would be better! I’m a member of a few with investing and it works really well

I mean, what’s wrong with using this discourse page, maybe with a general chit-chat thread in chat?


I created a group on Telegram for :freetrade: but I deleted it 'cause Telegram is not that popular in the UK and I thought nobody would be interested. But I do have a group for Monzo (and for (Fin)Tech related discussions); maybe it is of interest to some of you…

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Telegram is indeed popular in the UK. Just join any of the crypto groups there and you will see. It is huge. Telegram is super underestimated. So get it setup again.

I have :freetrade: Freetrade channel set up and running for the time being…


nice. I joined as a matter of interest.

Not sure i can see the point of a whatsapp group. This community set up by Freetrade works well and has membership already in place. Also people would end up seeing your personal mobile number.

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You could have a slack channel? Would that work?

I usually find Discord chats for most of my hobbies/interests, I’d definitely hang out in a Freetrade room!


Hi all,

I created a group for :freetrade: on Telegram. Telegram is free and will stay free forever - no ads, no subscriptions.

How does it differ from WhatsApp?

To name a few unique features:

  • Access your Telegram messages from several devices at once, including tablets and computers.
  • Share an unlimited amount of photos, large videos and files of any type.
  • Chat in giant groups of up to 200,000 members. Powerful admin tools available!
  • Find channels e.g. Monzo, Freetrade, Emmanuel Macron, and etc. Feel free to ask me for some examples.

How do I hide my phone number?

By default, your phone number is hidden from other users. They can only see it in the following cases:

  • If they already have your phone number saved in their address book.
  • If you’ve shared your number yourself (with ‘Share My Contact Info’)

They won’t see your number otherwise — for instance, if they find you via global search or in a group chat.

How do I hide my profile photo?

You can choose who can see your profile photo in the latest version of our apps: Telegram Settings — Privacy and Security — Profile Photo.

If you need help with using Telegram, please do not hesitate to send me a PM or contact Volunteer Support via the in-app option.

PS: The group is not affiliated with Freetrade.

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Yeah it has to be DISCORD someone please use discord! It’s perfect

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I’ve setup a discord here:

Feel free to join!


There will only be a few who will want to join something outside the forum, and splitting them into 2 or 3 (possibly 4 since someone mentioned Slack. And then there’s Reddit…) different platforms isnt going to work


What, no Facebook group? I’m out. :rofl:

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Wait! Whaatt? You still use Facebook? :rofl: (jk)


I think the FT channel on telegram has too many notifications too (and some are repeated). I think someone should decide whether to use it for marketing purposes or to let users/investors know about new features, roadmap etc.

The Telegram group was set up by @kai & we don’t manage it. But I’m sure they can help decide how it should be used :raised_hands: