Instant Messaging

This is just a thought…the reason Bloomberg terminals are popular is the message boards and instant messaging (outside all the epic data) and with the company Symphony trying to creep in on that…

Should we have a FreeTrade Slack / Discord channel? I am happy to set on up…I just thought id ask the question

Dont get me wrong the forum is great, but it’s not real time :slight_smile: @sampoullain is this something you would be happy to happen?


I think there was talk of an unofficial Telegram chat at one point

Edit… Found the thread

Hey, sounds like some interesting ideas.

To be honest, we love the fact that so much great conversation takes place here on the forum, which is easy for anyone to take part.

But we definitely don’t want to close off ideas for new messaging platforms (I mean, we’re on Slack all day here at Freetrade HQ, let’s face it :sweat_smile:)

Drop me a DM and we could chat a little more?

Discord chat here for anyone who wants to join: