What were your charged by FT? (Annual fee statement)

  • What was your annual fee to freetrade?
  • £500

  • £400-499

  • £300-399

  • £200-299

  • £100-199

  • £50-99

  • <£50

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There’s no option for “>£500”

Ahh the formatting confused me

But the £500 option was meant to be £500+

Where are you seeing an annual fee statement?

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I got an email to say it was ready to download:


Okay, thanks. I have free Plus for life, but have still incurred FX fees. Maybe I’ll get mine soon.

To find annual statement:

  1. Click profile button top right
  2. Scroll down
  3. Click Your annual costs and charges

No #3 for me. They must be doing it gradually.

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Interesting that even with Free plus for life I’ve paid out quite a lot in charges. Must be FX on US shares. It doesn’t specifically says that though. It would be nice if it was broken down more

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Scroll down and you should see a breakdown of what the fee’s you have paid for.

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well spotted, I thought it was just one page :laughing:

It’s tiny on my phone and I can’t zoom in. that might be a limitation of the phone though


Yes, you should see the breakdown:


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I didn’t know this was a thing on until I saw the community post mine have not shown in the app freetrade said they will sort it out in few days putting this post out for anyone in similar situation

Thanks. Mine still not showing.

Get in contact so they can sort it out

Yeah I’ve not got the at either @Duncan is this a feature you’re rolling out?

I don’t have mine as well, assuming it’s because I haven’t been with them for a year? Or is this done on the April tax year regardless if you have been with FT for a year?

I was one of the first users, so it can’t be that.

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Yeah I don’t see the fees either. Maybe a slow rollout?

Mines been updated this morning!

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