What would you like to receive as a free share, that you wouldn't buy yourself?

Hey peeps.

This one’s a perfect ‘getting you thinking’ kinda question.

Name a share that you’d welcome with open arms if it was received as a free share, but you’d be reluctant to buy?

(Optional): why?

I’ll start.

I’d happily accept and hold $LUV or £CCL but wouldn’t use my own money to buy them.

Why. Would be far too volatile if another set of lockdowns were to be announced.

Over to you.

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I’ll get BRK.A out of the way straight away!

I’d like BYG but I can’t buy it in my pension or ISA and I like storage warehouses!

Also - Space Exploration Technologies!


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i do love a good storage REIT and hold as many as 4.

Off topic I know lol

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I’d like a Tesla share, not because of the price, but because I’ve thought it was overvalued for the last few years yet it keeps going up. I’d like a slice of that without buying into the FOMO with my own money :rofl:


I would like a REIT, any type would do.

Why=I do not have one in my portfolio.

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I’ll have one of Lindt & Sprüngli (LISN.SW). I like the chocolate as well.