When can I open new 2021/22 ISA?

I just tried but the ISA Declaration still says “tax year 2020/21” ?

Hi @pgavrailov, there was a slight delay updating that text, however, your ISA allowance reset at midnight and you should now see the full £20,000 allowance on your app.

For anyone else reading this, if you’ve deposited to an ISA in the past tax year (2020/21) then you shouldn’t need to re-accept the declaration.

hi @Freetrade_Team, my concern is that I have 2020/21 ISA with another provider and don’t want to declare something that is not true. Do you know when the text will be updated?

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Same here, I’m wary to sign the declaration as it’s currently worded especially as I’d already made this declaration for the previous tax year.

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Hi @Freetrade_Team - do you know when the wording will be corrected so we can sign up?

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