2020 ISA

Just opened my 2020 ISA with FreeTrade…waiting for initial funds to arrive before transferring larger sum (to make sure bank payment details set up correctly - sure they are but I always test with £1 first, just in case…)

Post here if you open a new 2020 ISA with FreeTrade too…


I will be opening one this morning too.


I’ll open one today.


I could be mistaken, but wasn’t there an indicator of how much was left of the 20k to add to the ISA? I believe I had this indicator for 2019.
I’ll move cash for 2020 ISA soon.

As soon as my ISA allowance for 2020/21 opens up within the app, I’ll then be looking to start depositing into it and picking up a few shares. :slight_smile:


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I already transferred some cash just after midnight last night, I noticed the ISA indicator isn’t updated yet.

I hope they don’t see it as 2019/2020 ISA deposit or they’ll return the cash to me which can take days!


There is an indicator on the new ISA that I opened and would imagine as the tax year rolled over the limit would be reet to £20k as unused allowance cannot be carried forward. Having said that, mine is showing £0.00 remaining so imagine the ISA is still in the process of being opened in the background so not yet fully functional (and why the top up sent through around 08:00 this morning has yet to show).

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My ISA allowance is a white bar with no details. Will hold off depositing cash until it’s updated.

Quick question, I read that stock in the AIM market aren’t eligible to be stored in an ISA, is that still the case as the article stated the government were considering changing that?

Same here, mine still says 0 allowance left, and a deposit I made this morning hasn’t gone in

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You can hold AIM shares in an ISA


I opened an ISA just after midnight, contacted support to have my funds transferred from my basic account to the ISA. They informed me it will take a few days for it to be transferred.

Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to get stuck in.


I too opened just after midnight (not eager at all :slight_smile:)

Did a bank transfer this morning, still waiting for it to show up and like previous replies, I just have a white bar with no details. I’m sure there was a massive influx of new accounts and transfers so it just a matter of waiting for them to catch up

Working on fixing this, should be resolved very shortly.


How do you open one here, cannot find it?

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I need better bond etfs, otherwise I’m going to have to open this years ISA elsewhere

I opened up my ISA with Freetrade last week so I could still use part of my 2019 allowance. Regular top ups from now on :sunglasses:

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Does anyone know whether the new 2020 ISA allowance is now activated within the app? Basically, I just want to confirm whether I can now make a deposit into my ISA account, if it is going to be accepted, and will the funds show as available to use?


It’s worked for me now, allowance shows properly and deposit has gone in