When to buy more shares?

My traditional strategy has been to buy more shares of a company i already own on dips and mostly on dips that are less than what i first paid. Havnt been investing seriously too long so its shortish timeframe.

But i wanted to gather thoughts from others and what they do when buying on the way up. What strategies, tactics do people use. My problem with DCA is just fees/FX especially if buying US so i dont like to buy small amounts.

I also think there must be a correction at some stage but when is anyone guess.

Would welcome anyone else thoughts?

If your time horizon is long enough you will run out of dips to reinvest. If you believe in the company over a long enough time period you should just keep adding bit by bit imo.

The FT is the same regardless of the amount you invest so doesn’t matter if it’s small or large


Yes that was the position I was getting to as well.

Did you mean FX? If so that’s the issues as the more times you dip in the more the costs add up

it may be better to buy little and often on an illiquid stock to get a better price each time. The spread can often cost you more than the FX.

Yes I did mean fx.

And also agree with your point

I normally buy when the stock breaks out from a range it’s been sat in over a few months or a dip depending on how I feel about the company

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Usual disclaimer, I am not an advisor, capital at risk.

I follow a counter intuitive strategy, where I wait for a stock to break out (go higher than a box which it was contained in for a while, same as @Jimmy I guess).

I follow: let your winners run, and cut your loosers short (From how I made 2m in the stock market book, a very old one, but felt it still applies now).

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