Where client money is kept?

Below is an excerpt from an email I received from Iweb

Money in your account is known as client money. Regulations require this money is kept separately in an approved bank. This means we may hold your money in a fixed deposit or a 95 day notice account. You’ll be able to withdraw money in the same way you do now but, if the approved bank becomes insolvent there could be a delay withdrawing your money.

So wondering what the regulation about and how Freetrade handles client money.



This is a popular question so we wrote a blog post about it. The short answer is that:

We also hold all your money and assets under the FCA’s CASS rules, which means they are held in segregated accounts, separate from the company’s money.

For each of our deposit banks and custodians we have a legally binding letter acknowledging that your assets do not belong to us, and can’t be used in the event of us entering administration to cover any debts we may have.

We’ve shared lots more details about our controls and processes in the blog post too


Hi Freetrade,
I believe this question has been asked frequently - apologies, but I’m still a bit confused.
When we deposit funds, it is instant.
Withdrawals take 2-3 working days.

I’ve recently received an email stating:

  • We’ve added wording explaining that we may hold funds you deposit with us in bank accounts with a notice period of up to 95 days. You can find more information on what this means on our website.

What exactly is a notice account, and when does the 95 day period apply?

  • Is this only upon Freetrade failing and becoming insolvent? If so, are all funds up to £85k still protected?
  • If I want to withdraw funds this week, will it still take 2-3 days, or is a portion locked up for 95 days?

Many thanks for reviewing what I’m sure if a frequently asked question.

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