Where do you think we are in the mining cycle?

I recently read this article about the mining cycle which I think is at least worth a skim if like me your new to investing in the space. This is my first time around the clock, so I’m interested to know where more experienced investors think we are in the cycle?

Anecdotally I have seen a shift in the amount of money flowing into explorers. A while ago I started testing out a strategy of buying any ASX Gold, Copper, Nickel or Lithium minor that announced a strike at the start of ASX trading and setting a limit sell at +30%. Even a couple of months ago this would be hit within hours of the ASX opening, but in the last couple the tide has turned and I now find myself ducking out with a small (or largeish!) loss. I’m not too worried about that, as I only started experimenting with fun money. My real concern is that is shows their is less money and exuberance flowing into the sector in general.

So on the mining clock i’m saying about 11PM… What about you?

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