Where to find the profit / loss view when selling off a whole position in a stock?

I don’t think its possible to view this on the app and did a bit of searching. I sold off a whole position in a stock. I see it in the activity, cannot find anywhere where I can see from the whole stock sell off activity (for that 1 stock) - if a profit or loss was made.

I have a few other big stocks moving up and down so the green “up by” on the main ISA isn’t a accurate indication. I was hoping for a profit/loss figure someone where, say for the individual stock activity, now a full selling in a company has been done.

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This is a frustration that I share. Once a position is closed, so does the “Your Investment” pane. The only way that I can see to calculate this is to open each market contract note and do the calculation manually.

It would be a great feature if the Your Investment pane remained after closing a position and showed a profit/loss figure for the previous investment periods.

Hopefully the desktop app will resolve this!

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Unfortunately it is quite a few buy purchases, like 10, varying between £100 and £200 over 6 months in usd.

Its frustrating for sure, I have to sometimes keep a watching on the stock I “used” to own to remember if I ever need to check something.

I am also a bit shocked it can’t be viewed, I mean you telling me none of the 1 million users have fully closed a position and not asked the question before!?!?!

I use an Excel spreadsheet to tally purchases, dividends and sales. Annoying that there isn’t anywhere it’s summarised though, I agree.

No a spreadsheet is not the answer here! 100% backwards thinking as a solution (I mean if FT has that as a solution). The solution here is, we have the loss/gain figure when we fully sell off a position. Store that in a field, in a table and make it visible to us. Come on freetrade!