Where to start again

So COVID happened…I took out all my holdings and looking back at it, it wasn’t a bad thing. Not all my positions are back up into the green yet…apart from GAW which in hindsight I wish I put all my money back into as it’s doing really well now. But 1. hindsight is a beautiful thing and 2. it’s not very diverse.

I have missed the bounce and all that jazz. 2020 has been shit! Cancelled wedding 3 times, no honeymoon, me and my partner both lost our jobs blah blah…so things are finally back on the right path. I am thinking of dipping my toe back into the markets with the money I took out.

Question is…promise there is one.

ETF or Stocks…I am thinking just trialing one ETF with a couple of 2k to get my feet wet…I am thinking about VWRL or iShares equivalent …any other suggestions of tips for getting back in would be great.


It’s up to your personal risk tolerance I suppose. I’d put the main bulk into some ETFs, possibly 3 or 4 spread across UK/USA/Europe given no-one knows what’ll happen this year or a world etf. Then whatever you’re comfortable with on stocks. Depends on your age and situation. I heard 100-your age in percent but I think that’s a bit mad personally :laughing:

It seems like your risk tolerance is quite low (if you pulled your money previously) so I’d suggest just sticking with ETFs.

The bulk of my freetrade portfolio is in VWRL, it’s well diversified, and opposed to iShares IWDG, VWRL includes emerging markets and is also slightly cheaper in terms of fees. One benefit of IWDG however is that it is hedged to GBP (which could end up being a dis-benefit if GBP moves in our favour…). If you’re worried about future market drops, perhaps split some into a Bond ETF also for some security.


Sorry to hear that you and your partner lost your jobs.

As per @Gaz92, ETFs might be the way to go due to your lower risk tolerance.

Also, perhaps ensure that this money you are investing will not be required in the short term, eg to cover your job loss etc.