Who recently sold growth and bought value?

Hi everyone!!

I’m Izzy (or Isabel if you want to be formal about it), and I’m one of the newest members of the marketing team here at Freetrade. I’ll be helping out on PR, so I’m really keen to help journalists understand all of the amazing stories from our community.

Got a specific request today. Working with a journalist at The Telegraph, who is writing a piece that looks at the debate between growth vs. value stocks right now. In particular, he’s looking for someone who has recently moved from growth stocks and started buying value.

Maybe you’ve done this recently, or you’ve been doing this for a few weeks or months now? Or perhaps, you took the chance last week to top up your holdings on some of those growth names? :eyes:

If you fit this brief, do please drop me an email (isabel@freetrade.io) with some details about yourself. The journalist is keen to talk to someone in the next day or so, so do please drop me a line! They’d likely also want to use your name and age; so please keep that in mind, if you’d rather not share those details.

Thank you!!


Here is a video of your average value investor community

Good luck


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