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Our disruptive technology is saving water in quantities that has never before been achieved, whilst also reducing energy consumption, waste and pollution in large amounts. Steps are needed to protect and conserve global resources that are fast running out. At Xeros we are proud to be taking them.

We are committed to radically improving the sustainability of water-intensive, industrial and domestic processes.

The roots of Xeros Technologies lie within the world-renowned School of Textiles at the University of Leeds.

During research into the way dye is applied to different fabrics using polymers, nylon was found to be highly effective in removing unwanted stains and dyes from fabric. To harness this discovery, Xeros Technology Group plc developed innovative polymer-based technologies that use less water to do more.

Thanks to over a decade of research in our Technology Centre, we have created and proven a revolutionary approach that drastically reduces water consumption by up to 80% in laundry cleaning, leather tanning and textile garment manufacture. At the same time, our technologies help reduce costs and achieve better results than conventional processes.

Xeros has over fifty patents and patent applications which cover countries totalling around 90% of the worldโ€™s GDP.