XPO Logistics (XPO)

American based logistics company who are on a takeover spree this side of the water. Just won the Greene King pub contract and are certainly disrupting the industry for the big players such as DHL. Plus trading at a significant discount to ATH.

Any chance of a dedicated chat and link from
:freetrade: app for GXO Logistics ? … it’s a spin off from XPO which focuses on contract logistics (3PL). Clients include Nestlé, Nike & Apple.

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Good spot @Optimisery

If you start a new thread with the title

Name emoji/s - Symbol - Share Chat

In the first post link to Wikipedia and anything else (like this video) once created I’ll see about getting it linked in app. :ok_hand:t2:

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Thanks @NeilB all done :+1:

Hi, Just thought id ask if any one has yet been credited their new RXO Shares yet. They have been trading for a few days now, so im not really sure why they’ve not been adde to accounts yet. Any news FT.