10 Best UK Pubs with a view

You’ll find it…

Decent review on Google as well… potential venue for a Freetrade meet up, if only I lived up there.


Sadly I don’t live near any of these pubs

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I wouldn’t worry it is just another guardian top 10 list they pulled out of the air without any research. :rofl:

The Hidden Hut isn’t even in the top 10 best pub with a view in Cornwall!

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I’ve been to precisely none of those, I have been to the grapes in ‘London’ (can you tell I’m not local). It has pretty cool views of Canary Wharf


The Free Trade Inn looks alright.


If we are ever going to set up a freetrader meetup, for fairness it’ll need to be in the middle of the country.

Birmingham, Rugby, Manchester or Nuneaton perhaps?

Some of those town are more middle then others, but I’m sure the get the general point.

London is too southerly for the northerners and Scots, probably the Welsh as well.

Yes a Northern Irelander could fly in to London from Belfast but it’s still on average not good to do London.

Or alternatively we could have regional meetups.


I say all round @NeilB s house seems a simple solution. BYOB :slight_smile:

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As someone who’s based in London, I agree. Middle of the country is better as we can.then include those up North/Scotland etc


Maybe wait until the trains are back to normal :joy_cat: