100 brand new stocks & ETFS - Banks, Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Thanks a lot for this.

We’ve just fixed both. The changes should appear in your app within 30 minutes.


There was a technical issue. It is online now! Let us know if you don’t see it.

There is always a chance. :wink:


There was a technical issue. It should appear in 30 minutes.

Thank you, Victor.

Andrew. M


CMC Markets

More UK-listed stocks are coming.


Great the Canadian banks have been added. Looking forward to seeing the Canadian insurers added soon, too!

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No worries, the 7day & Max graphs still need a look :eyes: at :joy::+1:t3:.

It should be correct, but it might take some time for it to refresh due to caching.

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It would be helpful in future if the shares were listed by country, rather than just having one long list

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Great stuff Freetrade! Stonks to infinity.

Great Work, All at Freetrade !!! :blush::+1:

where that REIT Income though :eyes::eyes::eyes:

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Really nice stocks. Waiting for my next paycheck so I cannot buy at the moment but I see interesting companies.

Arthur J. Gallagher is inputted twice on the App. I think it’s an Error.

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We’re looking into it. Thanks!

Edit: fixed.

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Is it me or is NetEase not on the app but part of the list?

I see it in the basic account.

Oh no worries i was looking in my isa account

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