2X more UK stocks 🇬🇧

It’s been a few weeks now since we raised a wish for more ETF’s and nothing. Is there more due to hit the app soon ?


We can take a look - which ETFs are you after?

Here are this week’s new additions, including four community requests :star:

Let us know what you think of these new stocks - and please suggest any others below you’d like to see on your app!


There have been many ETF’s requested with many votes - an example

This one would be great :+1:t3:

Viktor can we have this added ?


Who is asking for stuff like Sound Energy and Reabold? Why are microcap mining stocks taking precedence over significantly larger and recognisable UK names?


realty income seems to have been sitting in the top 10 for a few weeks now -

Is there any specific (techy) reason it has not been added to the Freetrade universe? :dizzy:

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This comment needs pinned, to the top of the post :joy: I literally asked this question yestarday


The kind of stocks I like to avoid. I’m more interested in renewables and sustainable investments.


Hi everyone

Here is the last batch of new additions before 2020.

  • Marston’s :star: Community request - $MARS - British brewery and pub chain with a range of breweries and brands :beers:
  • AEW UK Reit - $AEWU - a retail investment trust focused on long lease properties such as hotels and student accommodation :hotel:
  • Vectura Group Ltd - $VEC - British pharmaceutical company specialising in the production of inhalers :woman_scientist:
  • AB Dynamics :star: Community request - $ABDP - Supplier of testing equipment for the self-driving car industry :red_car:
  • UK Oil & Gas Plc :star: Community request - UKOG - Oil and gas exploration company :oil_drum:

Let us know what you think about these new additions - and keep on requesting new stocks. We’ll take a fresh look at all the requests and try to add as many of them as we can as soon as we can starting in January.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:


App typo - AB Dyanmics is described as “Automotice Tech”

So you ask the community what ETF’s we would like added. We reply and tag admin in only to get nothing further on it ?

Is there any particular reason why week after week these requests fall on deaf ears. Just saying. An explanation is probably all that’s needed. I’m sure I speak for others in here too.

Merry Christmas to all the FT team and FT investors


We’ll get onto that right now, thanks.

Freetrade do what they can do. The request feature is simply which stocks would you like that we can do. I think Freetrade have the right balance. Put most of their energy into the platform and development so that they can add thousands of stocks rather than a few. These few additions will seem a distant past once it is possible . Once fractional shares are in it will beg the questions why pay for an ETF fund manager - the bulk of their holdings will be under 20 stocks and you will be able to do that yourself.


Hey, sorry for the late response on this. Your requests for ETFs are definitely not falling on deaf ears, rest assured!

As @Viktor mentioned above, we’re prioritising by trading volumes right now. This applies to ETFs as well.

We are going to take a fresh look at all requests in January, and we’ll do our best to add more ETFs as we do know they’re highly requested by you and others.


Stamp duty!

So do ETF fund managers who buy the stocks not pay stamp duty? Yes you buy the ETF without it - but that’s because they’ve already paid it?


have fun :smiley: Asset Allocation|Top 10 Holdings|iShares MSCI World Small Cap UCITS ETF USD (Acc)|ISIN:IE00BF4RFH31
Until FT has some automated buy feature then doing a % breakdown of each each time you want to pay some in is too much effort. Are normal people even able to see the full portfolios somewhere? Even on the MSCI documents themselves they only show the top 10 holdings; I guess they sell the full list to companies to make money

Ok ok you win. :wink:

But many ETF tend to hold at lot less as a %. The top 10 alone usually are at least 1/3. Well at least on the couple of dozen funds on HL.

That would be pointless, the relatively minute fee you pay for index based ETFs is worth it.


Community voted stocks don’t seem to get a look in. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea but realty income has 80 votes for instance. Come on guys add stuff people want. You’re doing a great job but no point in adding a stock just to say you have more stocks. And they’re fuckin duds

Edit: A 1 vote stock by the creator of the stock request thread should not be thought of as “community” request

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