2X more UK stocks 🇬🇧

Bit of coincidental timing… JPJ is now Gamesys with ticker GYS due to completion of acquisition. Might want to update that in your static data. It might also be why you don’t have price data for Friday as the ticker went live in the morning.


Side note: Not that I’d intentionally buy stock in an online gambling firm directly… I’d plead ignorance if that detail is hidden behind an obscure ETF name.


You’re right. So in all, these are the differences between what was announced, and what was added is below (apart from my JPJ post above).

On announcement but missing from app are:

  • TwentyFour Income Fund ltd
  • Emis Group Plc
  • Learning Technologies Group plc
  • Diversified Gas & Oil Plc

Missing from announcement but on app are:

Edit: @sampoullain will the ones missing from the app be added in this week’s batch?

Hey @Yas and @Ad4m, thanks for pointing that out. Sorry for the mixup!

I’ve updated the list above with the additions from Friday.

The others which were previously added will indeed be added this week or next.


Any idea if there will be more stocks this Friday?

No new stocks tomorrow I’m afraid, as we’re having to work through some other priorities right now, but we’ll be adding some again from next Friday onwards.


This is very vague/opaque, care to elaborate a tad more?

For my reference, why rollout UK stocks step-by-step every Friday instead of just all in one go? Is there a technical capability to release it all at once?

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@Diversify Hey, sure. Basically, the technical issues around deposits earlier this week have taken up a lot of our Ops teams’ time, so we were unable to add more stocks. The issue has now been resolved though, so next week’s stock additions should be back to normal.

@aia The process is currently very manual, yes, but we are exploring ways to speed it up, and also to add more stocks which have been requested by the community.


Any new batch of stocks today? :slight_smile:

Saw this earlier


Are we getting double today with last weeks technical issues stopping last weeks batch.

Young & Co?


It’s a smaller list today, but we hope you enjoy them – some interesting ones in there, I think!


Ok thanks for the update.

Other AIM stocks- Please could you look into adding BIDSTACK group - ( voted best aim share 2019 recently). Thanks


Introducing this week’s new additions:

  • EMIS Group - IT company serving the healthcare sector :hospital:
  • Learning Technologies Group - e-learning tech company :woman_teacher:
  • Diversified Gas & Oil - a firm based in the US :oil_drum:
  • Purplebricks - online estate agent :houses: (a highly-requested stock!)
  • Young & Co’s - pubs throughout the south-east :beers:

Let us know what you think of this week’s new additions, and stay tuned for more next week!


a very short list this week. given we missed a week. can we expect back to normal 25+ next week.? thanks

With Young & Co’s I think the app should specify that these are the non-voting class of shares as there are two classes of Young & Co’s shares on the LSE. Non-voting ones are cheaper :+1:


Have we got all of the FTSE100 on yet?

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We are close.

At a quick glance, we miss only the nationality declaration stocks - think BAE and easyJet.

We’re preparing a blog post about which stocks the community requested and which ones we added, but also, which ones we’re missing and what’s the plan around adding them. :+1: