2X more UK stocks 🇬🇧

Awesome - thanks

Also missing IAG (BA, AER lingus and Iberia) due to the same reason.


Coca-Cola HBC is still missing. Don’t think that requires a nationality declaration.


US stock. We’ll have many thousands more of those within months. :us:

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I’m afraid not. We’ve added quite a number of new securities over the last months and while we’ll continue to add UK stocks each Friday, pioritised by community requests, we’ll focus most of our time preparing for the thousands of US stocks coming early next year.


Coca Cola is listed on the LSE as well, and is in the FTSE 100


It’s a different company to Coca-Cola. It’s listed in London and Athens, not the US.


Would really want to see Coca Cola Hellenic in Freetrade. It is LSE listed, maybe you confuse it with CCEP ( Coca Cola European Partners) which is listed in NYSE and LSE as secondary listing.

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@SpyrosL @Dave @john My bad, I should’ve checked. :raised_hand:

We’ll check why Coca-Cola HBC is missing, and give you an answer here or in the post. :+1:

Thanks. Looking forward to them. Will almost all requested stocks by community be added eventually ? Is it number of votes determine priority?

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Yes. Different types of stocks might need different approaches - I mean specifically the nationality declaration stocks here and of course, we need to add more exchanges.

But yeah, all will be available over time.

In the past few months, we added stocks based on market cap. We’re refocusing on the votes now, hence eg Purplebricks.

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Hey :wave:

We will get the Coca-Cola HBC stock added in the next couple of weeks! :tada:


Is there a drop today?


This week’s new stock additions:

  • CVS Group - Vets :cat2:
  • Victoria - Flooring :hammer:
  • Smart Metering Systems - Utility meters :zap:
  • Johnson Service Group - Workwear & hospitality linen :lab_coat:
  • Advanced Medical Solutions Group - Medical supplies :pill:

Check them out in the Newly added section of your app!


Absolutely love how ‘invested’ the team are about the community, alongside all the app updates. Thought i’d put a little comment incase any of the Team see it. Thanks for being dedicated to being great and can’t wait to see in a few years time! :uk:


Five brand new stocks for your app this week:

Coca-Cola HBC :cup_with_straw:
Watkin Jones :house:
IQE :battery:
Frontier Developments :video_game:
Central Asia Metals :pick:

Check the Newly added section :point_down:

Anyone eyeing or researching any of the newly added stocks?


Introducing this week’s brand new stocks, including some community requests :calling:

:star: Alliance Pharma (Community request) - $APH - Pharmaceutical firm. The company aims to provide growth opportunities for investors through considered acquisitions. Request by @KingB.

:star: 888 Holdings (Community request) - $888 - Gambling brands and websites. Request by @Mat.

:star: Iomart (Community request) - $IOM - Telco, web hosting, secure messaging, website building. Request by @Grellis44.

:star: StrixPLC (Community request) - $KETL - This firm designs and maufactures kettle control products. Request by @Keval.

:briefcase: ReddePLC - $REDD - Car hire firm.

Let us know what you think of this week’s new additions!


I’m liking the look of APH, under valued, great balance sheet, growth and a dividend that’s going ex div 19/12.

Any new ETF’s on the horizon ?


None right now, but let us know if there are specific ETFs you’re after?

Here are this week’s brand new stocks on your app:

M&C Saatchi - £SAA - Founded in 1995, this is a global advertising agency who have worked on the likes of Coca-Cola and BMW to name but a few.

:star: Stobart Group Ltd (Community request) - £STOB - Aviation, energy and civil engineering firm with clients such as Network Rail.

Serica - £SQZ - UK and Indonesia-based oil and gas exploration company.

Ceres - £CWR - Fuel cell tech firm, providing environmentally friendly and cheaper energy to customers globally.

Scapa - £SCPA - This firm manufactures tape and adhesive products for medical and industrial markets.

Let us know what you think of this week’s new additions, let us know which stocks you’d like us to add, and stay tuned for more next week!