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Isle of Man-based company Strix deals with kettle controls business, having a share of more than 60% in this market. It’s also broadened the range of products to include Aqua Optima water filler and chiller products, hot water on demand products and coffee products collab with a large US company.

It has a strong presence in China and has bragged that there’s been little to no impact from the US/China tensions. There is much more growth expected in this area and analysts expectations are looking very positive for this UNDERVALUED company.

Look into it, well worth a long term position with its potential for increasing dividends p

Very interesting company! SimplyWallSt estimates 4.99% expected dividend yield. It’s on the AIM, but hopefully it will be part of the new stock drive - 2X more UK stocks 🇬🇧

I never thought of kettle controls as a business. Thanks for widening my world view. Have my vote!


My Christmas gift to myself was an Investors Chronicle subscription. This is a company I’m interested in so I looked up their most recent article. Key points:

  • The company designs and manufactures only the kettles’ safety controls and has strong relationships with global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
  • The global kettle market is currently worth £3bn.
  • Kettles are replaced on average every three and a half years.
  • 90% of the company’s annual revenue is coming from its heating controls being installed in 35% of the 196m new kettles that are manufactured globally each year.
  • The income stream is heavily patent protected and enforced “vigorously” through intellectual property actions.
  • The US/China trade war did not impact the company because the ‘flow of goods’ is principally between Isle of Man and China. Brexit will have a minimal impact on the company, too.

The article is fairly positive of the company which I found not quite balanced as no company is perfect. Always do your own research. As for myself, I’ve dipped my toes into this stock with £50.

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