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Solar 350 was one of the first things I crowdfunded, It was originally on Crowdcube but they pulled the campaign before it finished, so I invested directly with them. I’m quite satisfied with the increase in share price from £2.50 to £30 :smiley:

The parent company 350 ppm are now offering access to Corporate bond market through their own platform as well as equity investments in renewable energy companies. Bond offering is Similar to Wisealpha I guess


350PPM made a unsolicited approach to another private company to circulate a report to all their shareholders using a provision from the Companies Act 2006. That company then sought legal advice and found

'…between the Act and the definition of “proper purpose” we are left with little room for any manoeuvre other than to agree that, rather than disclosing any shareholder details, we would make the following approach on behalf of 350 PPM..

Super nice way of alienating people.


Recycle Technologies sent me this mail. I had a good laugh though as it read like this to me “my hands are tied even though I kicked and screamed, I still have to do their bidding…”.


I received that too. I’m slightly confused though. Does this mean any company can force another company to advertise their investment opportunity to shareholders?


Yeah provided there’s a “proper purpose” for doing so. Although the company receiving the request can apply to a court to reject the request, but I suspect that wouldn’t be worth the cost.


So if I wanted to raise investment for a company, I can force Freetrade to advertise it for me if I want :joy: Surely something’s wrong there…

It’s not that simple. I’ve not read the report 350 made as it seemed a very aggressive way to get my attention. Also bear in mind you really have to be on point, as the requester can end up in trouble if someone with resources challenges the request.

Sorry Dave for hijacking this thread :blush:


It’s OK.

That does seem like a weird thing to do. not sure why they would do that

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And it is a law…:rofl::rofl::rofl:.

But conversely the company being approached could say no and challenge the firm approaching them to commit to significant legal fees to force the issue…


This has kind of put me off promoting them anywhere else, so it’s backfired a wee bit

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Hi All,

Dear All,

Yes, we are aware that the companies are not that keen on our approach. You can see the Plastics report on our Renewable Money Blog as well as other reports we have issued: Blog: Renewable Money Blog by 350 PPM Ltd - News and Views

350 PPM Research and Renewable Money Blog.

I do however think our research from a completely independent source (at the time) is of benefit to the investor - to have someone independent validate their investment decision must be comforting at the very least.

The Research then helps us to develop solutions for the Sector - for instance, Plastic Green Power Ltd, which takes plastics (along with old tyres), gasifies it and then uses the resulting syngas to fuel gas peaking engines which provide electricity to the grid at times of peak demand (and price).

I follow Buck (Philip) Knights advice from his book Shoe Dog, which is an excellent read and I quote: “Business is war, just without the guns”, so relying on the Companies Act to source shareholder lists just saves a lot of time.

Any company we may work with in the future is also further down the hierarchy in 4th position, behind our investors, 350 PPM and our employees, so I am afraid I am not really that bothered about alienating these guys either. This hierarchy is on the advice of Peter Hargreaves, In For A Penny - also a great read.

Sorry that you don’t approve of our existing methods. In all honesty it is not that effective and we are moving to a more technological savvy approach going forward, but it has worked ok based on where and who we are at present.



Director of Investor Relations
350 PPM Ltd

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