4th round?

Probably when the Android app is already out but that’s just my guess. Keep an eye on this forum. :writing_hand:


Will the 4th round be eligible for EIS?

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I’ve got money sitting in my account just waiting for this. Please Freetrade let’s get the round going :+1:


Now that it’s been announced that your doing the next crowd funding round on the 25/4/19.Is their anything we need to do if we want to invest in the 4th round.


Not yet but we’ll be sharing more details about the round shortly.

You’ll get all the updates here :newspaper_roll:


What sort of perks are offered for participating in crowd funding? I know with Monzo for example you get an Investor card and app icon (I know theyre only small but its something of an instant return at least).

Is there anything similar for Freetrade investors? If you can’t say, what have the past ones looked like?

Regardless of whether any perks are given or not, I can’t wait to be able to invest in my second fintech :slight_smile:

We’re not sharing any more details about this next round right now (sorry) but these were the rewards in the previous rounds -


Thanks Alex :slight_smile: That was what I was looking for!

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Does anyone have a view on whether the benefits will impact EIS eligibility? Crowdcube states ‘Rewards with monetary value over £1000 can affect the amount of EIS you may be able to claim.’

I can’t remember how much Alpha costs but if you held shares for 10+ years it would probably be over this value?

Missed the fact the raise will be on the 25th. Pleased though as it’ll be my birthday that day :tada:
I’m expecting birthday free shares that day if I participate in the next raise, that’s right isn’t it Alex :joy:


Hoping for some of the merch (a t shirt or beanie) without having to invest so much!

People are very concerned about the perks. Surely the best perk is a yacht when Freetrade becomes a unicorn :joy:


I’ve been checking out the yachts, unfortunately I need freetrade to turn into an entire herd of unicorns before I can entertain that thought.


We could all club together for a Freetrade super yacht


Where did you get that little gem (crowdfunded date)??!

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We could just get one Yacht and work it out like a time share? I get it on Bank Holidays :raised_hand:

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No, the socks are better. Obviously.

Seen it posted on Twitter somewhere although Carnt seem to find it now got too excited and forgot who it was off :joy:

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