A new videos board for YouTube creators to post their links

Wouldn’t it be great if all the videos posted by content creators/influencers on this forum where all on one board?

The people who want to watch them could easily find them.

Good idea

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Great idea @CashCow

As great as it is to see original content from other budding creators, there does seem to be a lot of self-plugging topics these days on the forum.


Yes, I really would like to have a categories screen. Now you see all topics cobbled together on one page and there are a lot of YT threads and stock request threads, which muddle the rest of the discussion. Just like on oldschool forums, having a division in categories would be good. The downside is that you won’t stumble easily on something that you were not looking for but I’d rather have the comfort of not having to wade through tons of useless threads.

Yes god yes, cracking idea @CashCow - its getting a little too reddit like here with people trying to subtly or not so subtly push their channels.


Just a heads up. Freetrade have Discourse set up so that the home page of the forum is made up of the latest posts from all boards, however there are boards set up already. On Desktop you can hit this All Categories button and view posts on a board by board basis.

Good idea and fair point

Don’t get me wrong, there’s clearly a market for these channels - they have an audience and they’re a great way of Freetrade getting exposure. If anything, it would probably be beneficial to have them siloed on their own board within the Freetrade forum - it might help potential viewers seek them out more easily.

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Oh I agree, I appreciate the hustle, but I also don’t want the forum to turn into a shell of a useful forum, populated by people pushing their channels - the genuine ones who are straightforward in their approach by posting a “hey I make investment videos” or similar get a watch and a subscribe if they are good, the spammy ones don’t. The forum doesn’t allow spam like referral threads, so sticking youtube channel ads into one area is a good middle ground IMO - it allows them to advertise their channels, but not to spam threads with irrelevant ads or requests to watch.