Ability To Switch Currencies

Hi All,

Currently if I click on a Buy for under an investments Recent Activity, it shows me the ‘contract note’. Now if I buy an American stock let’s say on the LSE, AMD for example, it shows the ‘price per share’ in £ on that contract note, but everything else concerning the stocks information is in dollars - when buying or selling, the average price per share, the current share price etc.

It also displays the cost of each buy/sell in £ under ‘Recent Activity’, so it appears we have a mismatch of what currency we’re viewing all this in.

This is a little confusing, and I find myself having to frequently convert dollars to pounds and vice versa.

It would be nice to have the ability to switch the currencies we see, throughout the app, to our preferred currency of choice, so if I want to see everything in GBP, I can etc.


Just to let you know, we’ve updated the app now to show the average price per share in pounds now to make this easier to follow. So hopefully you won’t have to do as much currency conversion yourself now :raised_hands:


This is excellent, very helpful. Cheers.

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