Account number and bank statement

How can I access my account number and download a bank statement of my investment account?

I need it because I bought some $WISE stock and they want a proof I bought the shares from my broker in order to provide me with a bonus.

Freetrade is listed as supported broker

Can you please advise?


I’ve just found another thread on this. Search for WISE.

They advise you email customer support for your brokarage number, some have had replies in 5 minutes, but I got a holding email saying it would be 3 days…should still be in time for the deadline though

You won’t be able to download the contract note but you can screenshot it and send it as proof.

This is what you’ll need


I believe that the account number should be clearly visible in the app and all the statements. I’s like opening bank account without knowing the account number.

We are working on ways to improve this in future.

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Thank you for the update @sampoullain. I hope to see it implemented soon.