Require a proper account statement, being ignored in chat?!

I am new to Freetrade, but about to quit the platform, as the level of basic service & support is just terrible!
I work in an investment bank. The internal personal trading policy requires me to submit standard trading account statements on monthly or quaterly basis, which clearly state the period they are for, the trading account number and full transaction by transaction activity.
Since joining in February, somehow I only appear to have a March, then June, now also July and August “monthly” statements (so I am missing Februrary, April and May), but also having submitted the two I have, they have been marked inadequate by the compliance department as only contain my name and the name of the month. I have been requested to provide a standard trading account statement, that states the account number, dates and full report of transactions. All other brokers I’ve dealt with do this.
I have now been in support chat since 28th Aug, but still unaware if the above can be provided to me and when? The past few messages in the chat have not been even seen! Can I please get a response? I am on a deadline here - I need these statements by end of the week or I will be in breach of my employer’s personal trading policy obligations!
Please respond (& fix your generated statements)

Hi Andrei,

Apologies for the issues that our statements have caused. I’ve flagged this as urgent with our customer ops team and asked them to get back to you with a solution that will work for our employer’s compliance department.