Account Number

It is difficult to find your account number in the app - I think it would make sense to be shown on your profile page? i.e. by your name and free trade user number.

To find it you need to click on account, top up, continue…

I needed it for registering my account at work (joys of working in a regulated firm) so probably not a big deal for most people.

Any clues to where i can find my account/policy number? Trying to transfer and its bouncing back over the number I thought was right …Thanks

How do I get an account statement that shows my account number and individual transaction history? I need this due to my employer’s personal trading policy. I have sent an email to the support email address. Can I please get a response soon? I am on a deadline. Thanks.

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Did you get any response on this mate? Having the same challenge!

Facing the same issue. This seems to have been raised by quite a few people and I am unsure how there are FCA approvals etc if there isnt even an account number?

Same issue here. I’d feel much better knowing that number. Right now it’s like opening bank account without knowing the number.

Another question is, is someone from Freetrade actually reading our posts?

Hello, how can I find my account number for a General Investment account? Unable to ask through the in app chat as there seems to be no option to start a chat currently :frowning:


Is there such thing as an ‘account number’? We all have a user number which can be found in our profile.

Why do you need an ‘account number’?

This is for reporting onto a work trading activity platform which I have to do due to working in the finance sector. Brokerage accounts must be added to the system, which must include the account number.

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I used the user number for declaring my FT brokerage account.

Yes, I would just use your unique User ID.

I believe all the accounts numbers should be clearly stated in the app and all statements.

How can I access my account number and download a bank statement of my investment account?

I need it because I bought some $WISE stock and they want a proof I bought the shares from my broker in order to provide me with a bonus.

Freetrade is listed as supported broker

Can you please advise?


I’ve just found another thread on this. Search for WISE.

They advise you email customer support for your brokarage number, some have had replies in 5 minutes, but I got a holding email saying it would be 3 days…should still be in time for the deadline though

You won’t be able to download the contract note but you can screenshot it and send it as proof.

This is what you’ll need


I believe that the account number should be clearly visible in the app and all the statements. I’s like opening bank account without knowing the account number.

We are working on ways to improve this in future.

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Thank you for the update @Freetrade_Team. I hope to see it implemented soon.

I need my account number for my ISA and GIA so I can transfer them to a different broker. I’ve requested this information through the chatbot in app but not getting any answers.

This is an urgent request as I could fall foul of work compliance so I need this asap. Does anyone know where I can get this information?