Action on Death of Freetrade Account Holder

Hi folks,

There should be a phone number, address an email for the office at Freetrade that deals with the bereavement of the account holder.

I have a file for my widow and Executors of my Will which provides this information. I cannot find any such contacts on the Freetrade site.

I know there are lots of youngsters on here who won’t be thinking of such things. But my father had a book where he listed all his financial details and even though a bit out of date it was very useful and means the executors can process the Grant of Probate, final tax Return etc. without a costly solicitor. Most banks are very helpful in this way. I have been Executor of wills for 3 family members and you do need to know account numbers etc., etc…

I keep all my information in a free form database which I periodically save as a pdf and can easily print and hold in a suitable labelled file. The database means I can easily update change of names (Insurance Companies are always changing names!!)

Instead of being morbid I found the process quite liberating. I have over 50 database entries a bit like index cards and it surprises me how it continues to grow with ne website links etc.

I even have sample template letters to send out plus lots of hints and tips from my own experience as an Executor.

Anyway Freetrade team I think this topic should be in the Q&As “What to do if someone dies?”

Any other ideas?


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