Record of Beneficiaries

Hey Freetrade, can we have a way to record non SIPP Beneficiaries e.g for GIA and ISA. It seems easy and sensible to hold a record even if not legally required to do so. Some might argue ethical to do so also. Many customers like myself would like the assurance that if anything should happen our next of kin would be recognised as beneficiaries by Freetrade.

Excellent idea.

This topic has been mentioned quite a few times before and I am sure it was explained that it is not feasible as a will is what would cover this. SIPP are different and can be done.

I may be remembering wrong but that is what I remember when last brought up.

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Thats a good point.

I can see Freetrade cant replace a legal instrument such as a Will.

I dont think there would be anything preventing Freetrade holding a record of Next of Kin or a nominated alternate Point of Contact however. This would provide some assurance.