Activity Screen - First encounter

When I looked at the activity screen this morning, as a brand new user with no activity, the screen was plain white with the word “Activity” at the top and the four menu icons at the bottom.

I suggest that when there is no activity to display, you show a message explaining what to expect. Perhaps something along the lines of, “Here’s where you will see a list of actions you have taken in the app, including deposits and withdrawals, trades, etc.” I have now only got a deposit there, so I don’t know what to include in the text, but you guys can figure that out. I just think it will be more informative and make the experience more welcoming to new users. That will encourage them to make their first deposit and convert to being customers.

At the moment the screen looks a bit unfinished or even broken.

Good shout, I think there are a lot of things that could be done to make the initial experience of fumbling through what to do friendlier and more informative for newbies

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Yeah, good shout and it will improve. :+1: