Adam Dodds, founder and CEO of Freetrade | Jay Kim Show


Next raise is mentioned ”…we’re going to hopefully do that through the app as well so that you could actually see your Freetrade investment sitting along with your publicly listed securities. So that should be a lot of fun. That is coming in 2019.”

Some interesting pieces in the podcast, although sounds like it was recorded a while ago?

Could you buy and sell shares for free?
Execute basic trades twice a day
(Peter Magyar) #2

Well, through the app… and what about non resident international investors out of UK?
Pls. give us a possibility to support Freetrade and participate in 4th round too.

(Thibault Meyer) #3

I totally agree Peter. Several investors of the previous rounds are not UK based and do not even have access to the app yet.
Investing through the app is definitely a great idea, but it would be even better if all existing investors have the possibility to invest again, i.e. manage the EU launch first.
Thanks for considering this!

(Viktor) #4

Of course! You will not be left behind. :+1:

(Viktor) #5

So, it’s not only me listening to podcasts intently. :slightly_smiling_face::headphones:

This has been a feature considered in January when the podcast was recorded, but we’ve doubled down on Android and other, even bigger priorities. But this is something we’d love to do and we’ll see! We have been very focused on shipping new features, fast.

Anything else that caught your ear? :ear:


There was a bunch of things :slight_smile: some of things I recall

  • Community of about 90k :tada: presumably it’s higher now. The 10k customers onboarded was a give away this was recorded earlier :wink:
  • There was mention of Interactive Brokers ( ? ) and their minimum investment amount which excludes a fair amount of people
  • It was good to hear how Freetrade moved towards building a full-stack broker instead of a layer on top of some other service. There was a mention of price, how eventually the product/service will be the key differentiator, also how some of the current brokers will not be able to keep up unless they own the stack.
  • Adam shared some good advice on entrepreneurship, and the mentality needed.
  • The biggest thing was about 1/3rd of the community are from the continent, with Germany & France being the two biggest markets, so Europe is coming. Actually this feeds back into what @nexusmaniac uncovered with the Localize changes, it’s great this is being thought about :slight_smile:
(#18414) #7

Was this podcast announced in the forum? I don’t remember seeing anything back then. But that was so last quarter and my memory is getting more unreliable by the day. The price of aging :older_man:

If it was announced, my apologies. If it wasn’t I think we should start announcing these events. All of them. Not only when it’s Adam but whenever a team member participates in one. I think I saw something with @Viktor recently

(Viktor) #8

Yes, I recorded an episode at Tech Talk with David Savage. Awesome guy, great chat.