Add downvoting

This would likely be to my own peril (I’d probably get downvoted into oblivion in no time:) but why not add the option for #ideas at least?

I noticed someone who disagreed with my proposition to execute basic trade twice a day commented on the thread. Perversely, the idea got 10-15 more votes as a result of the thread being bumped!

That already exists in a way because people can like posts of people who are commenting to disagree

Also I’ve not seen a downvote option on any discourse forum so not sure it exists


Good point on the comments, it probably wouldn’t help keep the conversation civil either!

Still think it’d be a good option for #ideas. I think Discourse is open source and I’m sure FT’s whizzkids could make it happen. :slight_smile:

i personally really like how positive this forum is
this would only work against that


I take your point, one of the great things about the place is how civil it is – even when we disagree.

I just think it would provide a better reflection of support for an idea. At the minute, it’s akin to only having one option on a ballot paper.

Best not to down vote. It makes people feel small or stupid. If you dont like just move on.


Just create another “idea” thread with DO NOT execute trades twice a day so it evens out :wink: