Adding airlines: Ryanair (RYA), TUI AG, Easyjet (EZJ) and IAG


Freetrade is great. But, it doesn’t list any European (or otherwise) airline. There are multiple threads for Ryanair, Tui, Easyjet and IAG (who own Aer Lingus and British Airways) to name just a few, which have been on stock requests for months. If we get behind this thread, we can hopefully see the airlines listed above, in addition to perhaps american carriers, like American Airlines, Delta and Jetblue added soon too

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Creating this thread was a nice idea :smile: but unfortunately we’re unable to add companies that require a nationality declaration - which these airlines do - to the app at the moment. We would like to add them in the future but we’ll need to make some changes to the app first.

I’ve moved this post to #help to save anyone voting for this because unfortunately, that won’t make a difference here.

Please do vote for the individual airlines though so that we can see which are most popular, when we’re ready to add them :ballot_box: