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Affirm plan an IPO by end of year, would be great to have this stock on the app as soon as it does.

+1 fully agreed, looking forward to that one!

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Hi Sam, can you advise if this will be added within approx time of the IPO tomorrow? Thanks

Normally hits the secondary market a couple of hours later, although airbnb was about 5/6 hours later, maybe because it was popular.

Hey @Kierandd and thanks for the explainer too @AdamL.

It does indeed take a few hours usually before an IPO is trading on the secondary market.

With Airbnb, this was sometime after 6 PM UK time, and of all the big IPOs last year, I don’t recall one hitting the market until 4 PM absolute earliest.

The good news is we have improved our internal process for IPOs considerably and can now get IPOs live within literally a few minutes of them becoming available.

This blog is an interesting read for more info on exactly how the IPO process works at a wider level:


$90 twitter is suggesting, so just double the estimate.

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And we’re live :tada:


Capital at risk


Why it still says in the app (just updated) Coming Soon and can’t be bought?

Sorry, something reverted in error, will be back again any second now.

My current dream is to buy an IPO like these companies - when it is still undervalued.