Coinbase DPO Available when Nasdaq opens at 2:30pm (GMT)?

Hi all, I would like to know if Coinbase DPO (Direct Public Offering) on April 14th will be available to all Freetrade users when Nasdaq opens at 2:30pm (GMT)?

Other online brokers in the past have not been able to provide immediate access for a DPO and as a result I’ve received a less favourable price.

Thanks in advance.


Its not easy for retail in general but FT are generally fast at getting it on the app when it hits the secondary market. You have to be a professional/accredited to get in at 2.30. The game is rigged.

More info here.

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Thanks for this Adam. I thought there might be an exception with Coinbase as it’s a direct listing or DPO rather than a traditional IPO so supposed to be more “democratic” in theory (the investment banker does not act as an underwriter in this case), but obviously in practice things can be very different.

Do you have any idea of how different brokers compare at getting access to the shares? I assume larger and more established brokers are able to get their clients in more early if there is a difference.

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Yeh sadly Roblox was a direct listing and maybe Airbnb and we got in at about 5.30pm. If you find the post you could go back and see because people often comment if its on HL etc.

@AchillesFirstStand Freetrade are pretty comparable, I know Sam P has spoken about streamlining the process to shave seconds off it.

What FT is missing is letting us put limit buys on before it goes live, which would help.

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