Earliest Instant Sell Availability AMO? (US Stocks)

Howdy everyone.

I was just wondering what the earliest time is for instant sell orders after market open is on the US market?

The US market opens at 9:30am (ET) and 2:30pm (GMT), but my Sell button wasn’t available until half an hour later - 3:00pm (GMT).

Was that a glitch, or normal behaviour?

Thanks guys!

That is weird, normally if I hit sell at 2.30 exactly it goes through. Queued sells (so if you hit before 2.30) go at 3pm. Was it something like GME? Also possible if you cancelled a queued sell or stop loss etc maybe it lagged and held the shares? Just force restarting the app often helps.

Thanks for the info Adam.

I’d actually bought some shares at 2:40pm (executed immediately), and then wanted to get out about 20 minutes later, but couldn’t until 3:00pm.

In that case I’ll try restarting the app if that happens again.

pretty sure it’s a UI glitch, I saw the same thing the other day when trying to sell a US stock (a normal, non-meme stock). fully closing and reopening did the trick for me