Time last in buying stock

Hi, I am new to trading and have been interested in trying for some time. I decided to buy some stock yesterday, and i was aware that markets were closed, then opening at 2.30pm (US). I placed a small order but noticed that by the time my order when through, after 4pm, the stock rose by $5. Instant orders do not appear to be instant.

Is this time lag normal? Anyways to mitigate this?

Also, in the app could someone please explain to me what these options are in layman’s terms please?

  1. Limit orders

  2. Triggered orders

and one last question please. Can I set the app to automatically sell at a specific share price if the stock falls to a certain level?

thanks so much


No it’s not normal. The huge demand in the last week has caused some small delayed in confirming orders.

If you check your actual order it will give the time it was executed.

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Yes i saw that and the demand on GME, BB, AMC etc. My order was 4.18pm but not for those stock.

Up to about a week ago it was very rare for an instant order to not be almost immediate. Hopefully once the current interest has levelled out a bit this will be true again.

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