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Hi Everyone,

Not sure if it is possible to open up to shares on the Australian stock market (ASX), if it is I would love to be able to invest in Afterpay.

Only just starting to invest but it looks like a good investment.



Hi Harvey :wave: we’re not offering Australian stocks at the moment but we may do in the future so I’ll leave this topic open for everyone to vote on.

You’ve spotted a super interesting company here in my opinion. @timdrew’s mentioned Afterpay before & their explosive growth. They’ve obviously spotted an opportunity to satisfy a lot of pent up demand. On the flip side, they seem a little bit exposed to the regulator limiting their growth in the future :sweat_smile:

How did you hear about them?

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Thanks Alex!

Hopefully Australian stock will be introduced at some point. :slightly_smiling_face:

Providing they don’t get hit too hard by the regulator they look like they will continue to grow. I am currently traveling around Australia and kept seeing Afterpay window stickers in shops and Googled them. :joy:

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