Airbus - BMW - Brexit

(Alex Sherwood) #1

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(Chris) #2

Cards on the table for me. I think Brexit is one of the most self destructive things this country could have done to itself. I can’t see any way in which we, as a country, are going to be in a stronger position from it.
I’ve never wanted to be proven wrong so much. I hope it all turns out great and that I was an idiot for doubting it.

That said, I think these companies are putting themselves out there, at the front of the queue for special deals. They know that they’re needed to try and minimise the economic impact of Brexit. I think there’s some genuine concerns, but any deal they did make would be caveated to the nth degree anyway.

(Aisling Browne ) #3

I’m not shocked tbh! I was at MoneyConf in Dublin a few weeks ago and I talked to a number of people from, larger companies, about their plans to relocate once Brexit comes into effect. think it would be silly to assume they’re just doing it for a cash injection - this a very different time to 2009! People are scared of the unknown! It would help if the government was more forthright with information :roll_eyes:

Companies are looking out for themselves and their profits… which is positive for the investor! Unfortunately the UK as royally f***** itself! I wouldn’t be surprised if we start to see more of this.