Flybe - FLYB

(Raminder) #1

UK Airline. Would have loved to invest into this over the last week considering their position.

Flybe request
(Chris) #2

I think the ship has sailed on this one I’m afraid. It will get snapped up by somebody now

(Nicola Greenwood) #3

Unfortunately this stock requires a nationality declaration, which means we have to inform CREST of the nationality of each underlying buyer. We currently don’t have the ability to do this for basic trades, as these are all placed as a single market trade. We are working on a solution to this so hopefully it will be something we can offer in the future.

(Ashley Quint) #4

I bought some through Dabbl when the share price dipped after the profit warning - its just recovered to that price 19/20p. They were trading in the 40p region before then - so if they are sold at approx. 30p/share I’d be quite happy.

(Big Boss) #5

Other than @Nicola important point… You need real cojones to buy that dog.

(Kenny Grant) #6

Presumably the vast majority of your customers are UK citizens at the moment?

If so you could disallow basic trades for people who are not UK citizens on those stocks. Annoying for them, but would let everyone else trade these stocks with both basic and instant trades.


It’s got some pretty valuable assets - Heathrow landing slots especially. It’s not even losing money.

(Big Boss) #8

Profitable businesses can still go bankrupt. Especially capital intensive businesses, where cash flow is far more important.

(Raminder) #9

@Nicola is this for all LSE AIM shares that require a CREST?

Agree with @kenny - It is great you want to open up the US shares etc. but it is a shame that this UK app will not be able to trade some of the basic UK shares before hand.

@ytsruh there is a long way before a deal yet. No price has been agreed, due-diligence etc. which will lead to the large swings already being seen (IMO).

@Justin Agreed - big cojones to buy it but that is what I like :see_no_evil:

(Nicola Greenwood) #10

Hi @Raminder1992, it isn’t all shares, it is specific stocks that require this they are usually airline and defence stocks, and from memory there were about 15 on the list that we weren’t able to offer because of this.

(Nicola Greenwood) #11

Hi @kenny, we wouldn’t want to disadvantage a number of our customers based on their nationality especially for such a small number of stocks that this impacts. It would also mean we would have to focus on blocking trading rather than working on enabling trading in these stocks, I am sure you will agree that the latter is the better option.

(Kenny Grant) #12

The suggestion was only on those specific stocks, to prevent basic trades on those with mixed nationality, not all basic trades. At present no-one can trade them instead, so everyone is disadvantaged equally I guess :slight_smile: .

Sure long term that’d be great. It’s a question of tradeoffs, and the suggestion was because you have a lot of stuff on your plate (ISAs, US stocks etc), and seem unlikely to get to this anytime soon. Anyway, a decision for Freetrade, but I don’t think it has to be a simple binary choice. You could do both for example, one short term fix of hiding a button to allow trading these stocks for most users and then a more satisfactory solution long term which opens them up to everyone.

(Ashley Quint) #13

FlyBe doesn’t own the Heathrow slots… yet - It has to operate them for 3 years before they are switched ownership - something Virgin/Little Red failed on!


Shareholders to receive 1p a share

(Sergio Soares) #15

I would like to request Flybe



Sorry to hear that it didn’t pan out.

(Ashley Quint) #18

LOL, I bought some when then went lower and then sold them, so I made a litttle bit.