Post-Brexit Britain – which sectors will prosper?

looking for your views on which sector will prosper after the brexit?

None will do better than they would have without brexit. I can think of no reasons they would do better and lots of reasons they wouldn’t. I suspect the impact will be muted though if we remain in the single market a few years at least.

I suspect fintech amd tech generally will contine to do well and manufacturing continue to decline (this trend was in place before brexit but will accelerate). Nobody will invest in plants to serve such a small market amidst the threat of tarrifs and customs barriers with the largest possible market. In terms of uk listed companies the international giants wil continue to do well, as they have no dependency on the UK market.

Already investment has dropped in certain indistries due to the uncertainty and potential impact on supply chains.


Britain will cease to exist post brexit and everyone will starve to death or be eaten by seagulls, except for the remainers as they will be airlifted to safety by the germans just before the collapse.


Unless you saw that on the side of a bus, it’s fake news. Buses are the only trustworthy source of information :stuck_out_tongue:


I think custom barriers is going to be the biggest problem for companies. I know that large companies are predicting gridlock on the motorways leading up to the border in the UK, as lorrys are suddenly being checked more etc. Pfizer produces drugs in Sandwich, Kent and should be worrying about how they will get their drugs out through Dover with all the gridlock.


Flag manufacturers?


News UK, Wetherspoons, Greggs


I don’t see any logic in exposing myself to the probable downside of Brexit. There are literally no upsides. Even the most fervent Brexiteers are talking about a 50 year plus horizon in terms of any economic benefit.

There are plenty of safer returns to be found overseas. Commodities, US Small Cap, APAC are all likely to outperform the UK in the short and medium term.


They tried those freeports before and it didn’t even work. Free ‘enterprise zones’ they called them. Don’t know why they’re bothering to bring them back, PR stunt perhaps.

I’m thumping my head against the desk because some of the analysts keep saying “UK stocks are undervalued, WHY OH WHY are investors lukewarm on this? We cannot fathom why? Oh, we have absolutely no idea, there can be no reason for this, ever recorded in human history! ABSOLUTELY NONE AT ALL!”

And I’m like… Guys… It’s Brexit. Just come out and say it. =/

Maybe some investors will hoover up these undervalued stocks and make a mint from it, all power to them. But I think for most people, playing it cautious and going global instead of Post-Brexit Britain is probably a safer bet.


UK-France trade back at pre-pandemic levels in March


I always found the anti-Brexit fear mongering strange. Yes there will be losers but those saying nothing good will happen in the stocks are deluded. Take unicorn companies for example.

Brexit may not be the best thing for the average UK member but the markets I am sure will not be all doom and gloom.

This is a terrible article though. Exports have exactly zero to do with VC money and unicorns are years in the making. The headline just screams “I have no idea what I’m talking about”.
London’s startup environment was decades in the making, other countries don’t even do funding this way traditionally. London is also not the UK, it has a large European workforce to draw from, it was always the part of the UK doing well even after Brexit. The UK’s issue is that it literally only has London, most other regions are quite poor vs. the other European big players and have no future - worse after Brexit than before.
But yes, you’re right that not all sectors or regions will suffer, some will profit.


It was also reported in the FT but is paywall. There are definitely 2 echo chambers with different views on the whole Brexit issue and not one I am interested in. My point was there are many signs there will be good investments in the UK even after Brexit :+1:

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Sure thing. I’m not so sure there are two sides economically though. It’s similar to the views on climate change. 99.9% of scientist say it’s real. A vast vast majority of economists agree Brexit is bad for the country - you’d probably not get a bigger majority on any other economic paradigm.

But then, it was never an economic decision, it was all identity politics and control. If people feel it’s worth having a worse economic environment but instead having full political control again etc. it’s no longer a right or wrong question - it’s a question of values. And that’s something everybody has to accept in the end. :smile:


Yep :+1: my point was investments may be great in UK after Brexit even if the economy isn’t so great.

Funny world we live in now, in the US the right are saying it is all doom and gloom with Biden in power and in UK the left are doom and gloom about Tories and Brexit. Come the next election they both have a huge hurdle to overcome when those in power will simply say “what happened to the predicted apocalypse?”

It’s is very 2021 to cry wolf in the most extreme way even when partly right but I do find it ironic both political extremes predicting doom and in reality not a huge amount will change across both countries in most peoples day to day lives.

FYI, I don’t vote as both extremes lie/manipulate and I am liberal in some ways but conservative in others. I did however vote remain as it would have been better to reform from the inside than on the outside in my humble opinion.

Even if you did have strong political views, it would be best to ignore them in your investing. I certainly don’t vote how I invest and vice versa.

Brexit is bad from the viewpoint of free european trade but presents opportunities for UK firms to fill gaps and benefit all the weird new trade deals the Tories are doing.


Which weird new trade deals do you mean? I think there’s only been 1 new one thus far, which wasn’t a rollover of an EU deal, for Japan, which was signed at the same time as the EU-Japan deal?