Post-Brexit Britain – which sectors will prosper?

(ashik) #1

looking for your views on which sector will prosper after the brexit?

(Kenny Grant) #2

None will do better than they would have withiut brexit. I can think of no reasons they would do better and lots of reasons they wouldn’t. I suspect the impact will be muted though if we remain in the single market a few years at least.

I suspect fintech amd tech generally will contine to do well and manufacturing continue to decline (this trend was in place before brexit but will accelerate). Nobody will invest in plants to serve such a small market amidst the threat of tarrifs and customs barriers with the largest possible market. In terms of uk listed companies the international giants wil continue to do well, as they have no dependency on the UK market.

Already investment has dropped in certain indistries due to the uncertainty and potential impact on supply chains.


Britain will cease to exist post brexit and everyone will starve to death or be eaten by seagulls, except for the remainers as they will be airlifted to safety by the germans just before the collapse.

(Emma) #4

Unless you saw that on the side of a bus, it’s fake news. Buses are the only trustworthy source of information :stuck_out_tongue:

(Liam Thompson) #5

I think custom barriers is going to be the biggest problem for companies. I know that large companies are predicting gridlock on the motorways leading up to the border in the UK, as lorrys are suddenly being checked more etc. Pfizer produces drugs in Sandwich, Kent and should be worrying about how they will get their drugs out through Dover with all the gridlock.