UK - Japan trade deal

Did anyone else see hidden quite far down in the news about a preliminary post Brexit trade deal between UK - Japan being agreed? What are peopleā€™s thoughts on this? Are there an UK stocks that trade heavily with Japan that will benefit?

Early modelling suggests only a 0.07% increase in UK GDP as the trade deal is a bit better then that of the EU but not by much.

The big winner seems to be Japanese industry who will find it easier to export to and build supply chains within the UK.

Yeah I agree that it only looks as good as the deal already in place through the EU, and my initial thought was it will aid the gaming/tech industry in the UK, but I was also thinking that certain heavy engineering firms with a foothold in Japan may benefitā€¦

I think that is a good point. There are likely to be some synergies in gaming and robotics but not sure of the broader benefits beyond that. Potentially more agricultural exports to Japan and there is always whisky (though the Japanese are beginning to take care of that themselves).